Walks inside Florence
Guided Tours in Florence and Florence Museum's Tour with professional experts.

Leonardo’s machines exhibition in L’Aquila, Italy
Exhibition of 50 working machines based on Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings – Castello Cinquecentesco – L’Aquila.

Les rêves mécaniques de Léonard de Vinci – in Rombas, Moselle department, France
Leonardo’s mechanical dreams displayed at the Espace Culturel de Rombas – Place de l’Hôtel de Ville – Rombas, France.

Da Vinci Machines Exhibition – Australia
Australian museum housing more than 60 machines based on Leonardo’s original drawings.

Biblioteca Leonardiana in Vinci
Centre for studies on Leonardo housing historical documents on the Tuscan genius, situated in Vinci – Italy.

Bibliografia Internazionale Leonardiana
The Bibliografia Internazionale Leonardiana (BIL) is a collection of publications on various subjects by and on Leonardo da Vinci from all over the world

Universal Leonardo Project
Universal Leonardo is a project aimed at deepening the understanding of Leonardo da Vinci.

The Medici Archive Project
The main element of the Project is the Medici Granducal Archive (1537-1743), housed in the Florence State Archives.

Istituto Nazionale di Studi sul Rinascimento
Italian institution that, following the mandate of its statute, promotes, coordinates and diffuses research on the Renaissance.

Renaissance Society of America
Since 1954, the Renaissance Society of America has been the American leading organisation for the interdisciplinary study of the period 1300-1650 in Western history.

Fondazione Centro Studi Leon Battista Alberti
It is a non-profit association aiming at facilitating and promoting the study and diffusion of Leon Battista Alberti’s works and of the Italian Renaissance in general.

The Society for Renaissance Studies
The main British academic organisation providing an interdisciplinary forum for people interested in the Renaissance.

Domaine Nazionale de Chambord
Website on Chambord castle, where Leonardo lived.

Clos-Lucé castle
Website on Clos-Lucé castle, where Leonardo died.

Il Museo Leonardiano di Vinci
In two separate buildings, the Palazzina Uzielli and the castle of the Guidi Counts, the Museo Leonardiano in Vinci houses one of the biggest and most original collections of machines and models of Leonardo, the engineer and inventor.

Musee du Louvre, Paris
Historical collection of the world’s most famous works of art.

Vatican Museums Online, Rome
One of the most renowned cultural institutions of the Holy See.

The National Gallery, London
In the website of the world’s renowned museum in Trafalgar Square the profile of some Renaissance and baroque works of art are to be found.

Metropolitan Museum, New York
The site contains an incredible amount of data, organised in a user friendly way and with a nice graphic. The profiles of the single paintings provide news on their provenance and an essential bibliography.

Alte Pinakothek, Munchen
One of Europe’s most important collections, featuring more than 800 paintings from 14th to 18th centuries.

State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
No museum in the world bears comparison with the Hermitage, with its more than three millions work of art collected in almost three centuries.

University of Pisa
The website of the University of Pisa.

University of Urbino
The University of Urbino is just 500 years old!

LibroCo Italia
CWith more 800,000 books in catalogue, Libro Co. Italia is a publishing company specialised in the research and sale of books on art and architecture in Italy and abroad. Assindustria-Italia (Italian industries association) has described it as the best Italian distributor of art books .