Organising Travelling Exhibitions

Ask the Niccolai Company for information and quotes for organising travelling exhibitions.

Exhibits of 30, 50 or 60 models require exhibition areas covering 300 to 1200 square metres. The basic package includes the models, metal caption plaques, descriptions in Italian and English and drawings of the models taken from the original codes.

  • 200 x 70 cm informative panels on Renaissance and Leonardo Da Vinci’s studies (anatomy, mechanics, architecture, hydraulics, war, flight, etc.).
  • Projector with documentary by History Channel on Leonardo Da Vinci’s life and works (especially dedicated to schools).
  • Multimedia 42” monitors with 3D animations of 50 virtual models.
  • Bookshop with display units, wooden shelves, books and gadgets.

According to our experience, people love well-organised exhibitions enriched with the above mentioned optional, therefore we offer the complete package at a very competitive price.
Thanks to our connections with museums and art experts, we are able to organise lectures on Leonardo and on art during the exhibitions.
Visit our permanent exhibit in Florence and have an idea on how to organise a successful exhibition.